Reveal, Hoofddorp '18 by Jan Hendrik - © jhi




“Art is not an objective reflection of my perceptions, It’s a deeply subjective reflection of my consistent ideologically and ethically awareness of the person I am within”

Art as an object, subject a theory a story. That is not what art represents, art is a harmony of cohesion between subject matters at hand. Execute to balance. When perceived it’s almost as if your sense awaken. You smell its present by touch you experience its texture, its colours evoke emotions its mass makes a sound. Balanced symphony of elements, events, objects, pleasing to eye enchanting to the soul. Disruptive but yet subtle and paradoxical to perception its position to time.

I have always believed that to be great is great but beyond that which we call excellent it take endurance hard work as for vision and will with intent. As the dead of photography as a medium to me has been the birth of the artist within.

A journey of pure exploration and will to explore. On my journey I have encountered a lot of event, some good some bad. All have aid in shaping my ideologically perception and ethical principles as an Artist.

-  Jan Hendrik, London 2010

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